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Commercial Disputes

For any business, no matter how large or small, commercial disputes must be addressed quickly and efficiently so that these disputes do not result in damages to the business’ reputation, profitability or ability to carry on normal operations. We handle commercial disputes by working with you to identify your goals and desired outcome, and then address the dispute quickly, effectively and cost efficiently.

By working with you, we are able to design a strategy to address the dispute most often in ways that do not include litigation through the use of negotiation and mediation. While we are fully prepared to litigate commercial disputes, we only do so as a last resort. When litigation is called for an inevitable, Stepp & Sullivan brings forth a formidable team of litigators who provide a focused litigation strategy to ensure that your rights are protected.
The most effective way to address commercial disputes is to ensure that all agreements are well written prior to entering them. The attorneys of Stepp & Sullivan are well versed in contract negotiation and drafting, including buy, sell or lease negotiations, real estate transactions, equipment purchases, leases and charters.

For more information as to how Stepp & Sullivan can assist you, please contact us below or at 713-336-7200.